You found your own buyer, “no Realtor involved.”

Now what do you do? We can help you with the paperwork!


PAPERWORK ASSISTANCE From $1,000 per side to $3,000 per side

  • Congratulations on getting the offer! However, first off we need to get the offer written into a legally binding contract.
  • We can help you with this! We will sit down with you and the buyer to write and explain the Real Estate Sales Agreement.
  • We will also help you do the disclosure documents and answer questions about your contract obligations to protect you legally.


What We Do at Help-U-Sell Alpha Realty

  • We sit down with you and help you fill out paperwork required to sell your home. A licensed Realtor will be handling the construction of the Real Estate Sale Agreement so that you will leave with a legal and binding written contract.
  • We will go over your Real Estate Purchase Agreement in detail, making sure that you and your buyer are aware of your individual responsibilities.
  • We will help you fill out the disclosure documents including smoke detectors, water heater, carbon monoxide detectors and lead disclosure statements.
  • We can also be your agent and oversee the sale. This includes preparing all written documents, inspections, amendments, repair requests, contingencies and removal of contingencies, and seeing the sale through escrow.
  • If your buyer is purchasing your home with a loan, it is important that they have a written contract that is recognized by the lender. Once your buyer is committed to making an offer, it is important to have a legal and binding contract in place as soon as possible. Having someone experienced with Real Estate rules and regulations construct the purchase agreement will help you have a successful and timely closing.


You don’t have to be listed through Help-U-Sell. We can help ALL For Sale By Owners.

  • A real estate transaction can be complex and involves many parties and documents. When buying or selling a home, you should do your homework, be sure to read all documents involved in the transaction and seek professional advice in the event that you do not fully understand any aspect of your transaction.
  • We do recommend that you consider the full representation of services from Help-U-Sell. In 2013, only 9% of homes sales in the United States were FSBO, and they averaged a lower sale price than those sold with the help of a real estate agent.
  • Our services still save you thousands. See how much you could save using our Seller Savings Calculator.


Whichever service you choose, we are here to help you.